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Top tricks to use when you're to write an academic essay

Writing an academic essay is a big accomplishment. You want to be at your best and know all the tricks of the trade. The following is a checklist you can use before you sit down to write. It will help you to go through each item and make sure you aren’t missing anything.

  1. Closely examine your topic. You should do this whether you are assigned a specific topic or you have chosen your own. You will want one that you can find plenty of research material for. It’s difficult to write an essay when you don’t have any resources to back you up. Remember to only use legitimate resources, not questionable ones.
  2. Form an outline. This is an organized list of the main points and minor points you want to bring out in your paper. They should appear in some type of order, either chronological or another format, and group them together in a way that makes sense. Getting all these points together in an outline before you start will help you immensely. If you have research to conduct for this paper, then conduct the research as you form the essay. The reading you do may help you uncover additional main points you want to bring out.
  3. Begin the first draft of your essay. Since this isn’t the finished product, don’t try to make it perfect. Don’t try to correct mistakes as you go along. In fact, just write freely, not worrying about anything. You can even write it out of order and then put the paragraphs into the proper order later. Don’t worry about word count or page count yet either.
  4. Start organizing what you’ve written and put it into the correct order according to your outline. Make sure to put transition sentences at the end of each paragraph. Each paragraph should be 3 sentences minimum. 5 to 7 sentences is better, because you need an initial sentence stating the main point from the outline, a few sentences to back it up and then a transition sentence for the next paragraph.
  5. Now it’s time to write the second draft. Start polishing up the sections that need a little help. Do some additional research if you need to beef up some of your arguments.

Write your final draft. This is the final step and it pulls everything together. This step includes a very thorough editing and proofreading to ensure there are no mistakes which would lower your grade. This is best done by another person, because most writers can’t see their own mistakes. They are used to writing a certain way and may not be aware of their grammar mistakes. Spell checkers work well except when you use an incorrect word, even though it’s spelled correctly, such as mixing up then and than. For writing better essay try essay writing help resources or hire someone to write college essay for you.

Write your thesis.

This is sometimes called a statement or research question. This is the sentence that tells the reader your intentions for the paper. It will be located in the first paragraph of your paper, usually the last sentence. It sets the stage for the rest of your writing. Buy cheap essays online! - professional essay writers.

Use transition phrases

Check for transition phrases and words that help the flow go smoothly. If your outline was well constructed, these phrases should easily link the content together as it follows the outline.

Follow the Claim

Some writers follow the claim, evidence, impact approach when writing their paragraphs. In other words, you can state the claim in your first sentence, use a few sentences for the evidence followed by the impact sentence.