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How To Structure A Problem Solution Essay: 8 Must-Know Rules

A problem solution essay can be an extremely interesting piece of writing, especially if you have a theory or a certain opinion on the subject you are dealing with. Through some additional research and studying of the subject matter, your paper can turn into an engrossing read.

Rules you should follow when writing such a paper

  1. First, when writing such a paper, you should be acutely aware of stating the problem clearly to the reader. You can pick a topic you are familiar with, or if you have been assigned a problem, you will need to conduct some research on this. The subject of your essay should primarily be the problem, and this should be stated in the title as well as in the introductory paragraph of your paper.
  2. Once you have spoken about the subject of your paper, the next rule is that you need to discuss with the reader that the problem you have presented needs a solution. This can be done by demonstrating the various negative aspects of the subject and why it poses a problem.
  3. The third step in writing such an assignment is that you next need to present a few possible solutions to the problem. This can be found out through research, logic and facts.
  4. The fourth rule is to pick the solution that you think would best solve the problem and explain in greater detail how this solution can be brought about about the problem stated.
  5. The next step would be to argue why this is the best solution in your opinion. While this is quite similar to the previous step, this rule is important since it will help you compare your favored solution to the other possible solutions and prove how this is the best one.
  6. The final step in composing this paper would be to refute all other objections that could arise from your favored solution.
  7. In the body of your paper, you should also state clearly the benefits of using this solution and the changes it can bring about.
  8. You should use convincing facts, statistics and research all throughout your paper to make it a more authentic read for your readers.

A problem solution essay is a useful format for a paper that can be written both for academic reasons as well as in the workplace. These are interesting papers to both read and write.

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