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The Most Effective Techniques To Improve Essay Writing

  • Essay writing is a skill which steer the journey of any writer and consecrates him with a booming career. If you too want to be one of them, learn some most effective techniques and make your writing eminent.
  • Make sure that you use lively and vivid verbs. For example when you use verbs like- meander, wander, rush, race etc instead of saying “go somewhere” it makes your writing more impressive. Do not use same words again and again; in fact use a variety to enhance your verbiage.
  • The appropriate use of metaphors and images make the writing lively. The readers can quickly jump on the conclusion.
  • Do not use the common overused clichés. Avoid them. Think out of the box and use some creative ways of stating your thoughts.
  • Suspense and ironical statements are the elements that boost the depth of your writing.
  • Try to be succinct too.

Some other tips

  • Keep a book for your reference: It will assist you to discover new ideas for creating a story. It might turn your essay into an awesome one.
  • Learn new writing prompts: Go through relevant exercises and improve your skill.
  • Rewrite your own blogs: This is a challenge for yourself. Try writing a few blogs that you have written a couple of years ago. You will be surprised at your own writing style that you have improved over a period of time.
  • Try rewriting newspapers articles: It could be a magazine article too. Try writing a strong and impressive headline.
  • Google alerts should be activated: The alerts related with book and writing skills should be activated. Find out what other writers are doing to improve their writing skills.
  • Change your taste of reading: Read beyond what you usually go through. You should go through a variety of articles like fantasy, science fiction, romance, middle grade articles, self help, jokes etc. Come out of your comfort zones and widen your horizon. Stretch your thoughts and the writing skills.
  • When you comment on your favorite blogs: Try writing wonderful posts. Write in depth.
  • Join a group of brilliant writers: Share your articles and be open to the comments. Learn from the valuable feedbacks. Strengthen your introduction and develop your character. Write effective and impressive scenes.
  • Attend workshops: This works really great. Conferences and workshops of literary agents and editors are an important step for boosting your career in writing.
  • Fix number of words for each day: Try writing at least 1000-1500 words daily. Even if you do not have any assignment, write on any of your favorite topic.

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