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How To Edit An Essay: Tips For Middle School Students

Middle school students can learn basic tips on how to edit and improve their essay. There are various elements of writing a paper that some tend to overlook when they are finished. Many students do not take time to review their content before submission. When you overlook the aspect of reviewing your paper there could be errors or mistakes that hurt the quality of your content. Remembering basic elements when writing can help you become better writer overtime. Here are some points to help you edit your essay.

  • Make sure your content reads easily from start to finish. When you edit your content take your time reviewing what has been written. This means you should take time to read your essay paper from start to finish. Think about thoughts and concepts you are presenting and how they are understood from a reader standpoint. You should also review details and the order they appear to ensure they make logic sense.
  • Be sure your word usage is correct in relation to the subject matter. When you review content for word usage make sure words are being used correctly according to their definition. This may sound strange but as you read through your essay content you may find words that are spelled correctly but being used incorrectly. For instance, the word “their” and “there” sound the same but have different meanings.
  • Clean up sentences and paragraphs to create a well-structured essay. Are they too long? As you review your paragraphs and sentences consider how long each part is. Each paragraph should have between 3 to 5 sentences.
  • The sentences should be short and easy to read while relating the main idea of the paragraph. You can work on shortening sentences by omitting unnecessary words.
  • Check for typos as spellcheck may not catch them all. As mentioned earlier you could use a word incorrectly even though you meant to use another word. You may also find words you typed correctly but they have no reason to be in the sentence. In some cases you can type a word and not realize it isn’t typed correctly even if spellcheck overlooks it. Reading over your essay content after writing can help you catch such errors.
  • Check for repeated words or words that may not be necessary. You can review your essay for words that seem too used more than necessary to reduce the effect of having redundant wording.

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