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What To Write In A Narrative Essay About An Accident

All of us have experiences lodged in our minds that we feel we should share with others through writing. A good example is an accident. However, most of us find it difficult to communicate these personal experiences because we really do not know what exactly to communicate. The best way of expressing your memories in a narrative is writing exactly what you witnessed and avoiding forgery as much as possible. A narrative should not just be about story telling but should full of our experiences on various matters. Below are facts one should consider including in a narrative essay about accident;

The type of accident

In composing a narrative essay about an accident, it is very important to clearly state which type of accident you witnessed. Was it a road traffic accident or fire accident? This will immensely capture the attention of the readers because they will be fully aware of what they are reading about. Can you imagine reading what you do not know? More so, it also gives you a bearing to know what you are writing about.

The place where the accident happened

It is not worthy to compose a narrative essay about an accident without indicating the specific place where the accident took place. This vividly brings out the originality and the authenticity of your piece of writing. Readers can also be able to associate the place and the kind of the accident that took place. This is because some places are associated with certain kinds of accidents.

The scene of the accident

In describing the scene of the accident, the writer should be as creative as possible. Give a detailed account of the place was looking. In describing the scene of an accident, the reader should be able to bring out the emotion by the way he/she plays around with the language. Exhaust you description by use of figurative speech such as similes and metaphors. Let your narrative move your readers in that somber mood that is normally experienced during accidents.

Those involved in the accident

A competent essay writer on accident should also include those involved in an accident. Were they passengers, pedestrians, children or the elderly? This will capture the attention of a reader because he/she will be eager to know more about those individuals who were involved in that accident. Also indicate the help accorded to the causalities.

Parting short

Always give your personal view in a narrative essay because this will engage the audience in justifying your opinion.

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