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Writing Tips For Students: Defining An Expository Essay And Its Parts

Your class has been assigned to write an expository essay but there is a problem – you understand little or nothing about this type of academic paper. You are barely aware of the fact that in expository writing, you are expected to expose or shed more light on the issue or topic under discussion. It is quite different from other types of academic writing and on this note, the way you research and write the other types of essays is not the same method you employ in writing this particular paper.

Now that you have understood that expository essay is all about explaining certain issues, topics, or events, you should also understand the many parts to this particular writing. Here are those parts so that you can better understand how your paper should be structured. They are as follows:

  • The Introduction: This is the first paragraph that makes up your expository paper. It briefly introduces the content of your paper to your target readers. Among the sentences contained in this part of your expository paper is the thesis statement. This is the sentence where you let the readers know the main idea(s) of your paper.
  • The Body Paragraphs: Depending on your tutor’s requirement, the body paragraph can be one for three-paragraph paper, three for five-paragraph paper, and five for seven-paragraph paper. No matter the number of paragraphs, the most important thing is making sure that each of the paragraphs discusses a main idea or point. In writing these paragraphs, make sure to include examples and evidences to further give solid base to your paper’s main idea.
  • The Conclusion: You have come to the end of your essay and what better way to conclude than to further reinforce what has already been said in your thesis statement and discussed in the body paragraphs. Combine these ideas to compose a very strong conclusion that effectively communicates the values of your paper’s main and supporting ideas.

After writing your paper, take your time to go through it. As you do so, make sure that your paper’s analysis is unbiased. You should also ensure full incorporation of relevant examples and evidences into your work. Search for unnecessary or irrelevant information and cut them out. The paper’s structure should also be the same in all parts of the essay. This usually happens when you lose focus and derail from the main topic ideas without knowing you are doing so.

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