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7 Quick Tips On How To Write An Introduction For An Essay About Your Family

Doing an introduction for your essay is the part of writing many struggle with. Introductions are meant to be the core of your paper, paragraph of text that should be just a couple of sentences long but has to hold the point, argument and core of the whole paper. If your introduction is bad, no matter how well you write the resto of the paper, you will still make a bad impression and get a bad grade. So make sure to stick to interesting details, strong points and impeccable style so you would wow your reader.

Make a joke about your family

Start your essay with a funny story or a joke, so you can warm up your reads to the point you are trying to make. If you start with something interesting, as an anecdote or a joke, you will catch their attention and they will be less judgmental about the rest of your essay.

Tell a story that really happened

Try to think of a story about your family that really happened to you. It is a paper, not a biography, so you can change the story ever so slightly but don’t overdo it because it won’t be believable anymore.

Relate to your readers

Best way to get your readers attention is to make them feel like they would like to write about something similar, or they have the same problem with their family and they want to learn from your essay how to fix it.

Use simple words

Even if you are writing about complex problems in your family, in the introduction you have to stick to simple and short. You need to introduce your readers to the main problem, and gradually inform them about the key points of your essay. Don’t throw too much at them, because they won’t be able to understand.

Make them want more

Introduction should hold all the relevant points of your paper, but you can leave some things unclear so your reader would wonder what the answers to the question you pose are.

Be an expert

Show you readers that you have read a lot about the issue you are discussing, make yourself look like an expert on the subject.

Find a good example

If you still struggle with your essay, you can always get help online, by finding a web page for writing papers and homework. You don’t need to buy research papers, you can just check out some examples and the inspiration will hit you.

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