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12 Captivating Topic Suggestions For An Essay On Romeo And Juliet

As a good student, you have to know the most important pieces of literature and to be able to write about them. Romeo and Juliet is probably the most famous tragic love story, and you will have to study it well. If you have to write an essay about this, you can relax and let your imagination fly; there are so many good topics to choose from , that it’s impossible to be bored. Here are 12 captivating ideas:

  1. Rosaline and Juliet. You have to compare these two characters and see what they have in common. Are they similar in any way? What is the connection between Romeo and Rosaline?
  2. How would it be the life of Romeo and Juliet without Rosaline? Some believe that if Rosaline would not exist, the two lovers could actually have a happy ending love story. What would it be different? Would their families agree with their relation?
  3. Is the entire play sexist? For sure there were other standards regarding women in the past, but some features of the women seem to be emphasized in a negative way in the play.
  4. Suicide for love. Was this the only solution for the young couple? Why did Shakespeare choose this tragic end?
  5. Were Romeo and Juliet meant to be together? Was the destiny trying to bring them together against all odds, or they simply struggle for something with no chances of success?
  6. Can we consider “time” as a separate character? The author is mentioning time very often in the play, so you can discuss about the passage of time.
  7. Is Paris better than Romeo? The love story between the two characters made everyone see other characters as negative. However, you can study Paris’s personality and see if he would be better for Juliet.
  8. Social norms. Why was not possible for them to be together? How much the family mattered in that time?
  9. Compare Romeo and Juliet with other tragedies that you know. What makes this play so special?
  10. Are Romeo and Juliet a suitable couple? You can notice many differences between them; if they would be together they would be succesful?
  11. The symbol of the poison.
  12. Is the age of the characters important in this situation? Would they choose another path if they would be older?

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