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List Of 12 Good Argumentative Essay Topics About Health

Creating essay assignments requires the students to stay focused and have some motivation to complete their task. If you are willing to create a winning paper on a given subject, you need to follow some rules and stick to the instructions by your teacher. Even though all of essay assignments follow the same format of introduction, body and conclusion, you will still have to pick your writing style and approach towards the subject. It is important for students to create a paper with attention and dedication if they wish to score well. Anyone can create an average assignment but if you want your paper to stand out from the rest of the class, then you will need to put some extra efforts. You will only ace your paper if it offers a valuable insight to the reader

Choosing a strong title for your paper is essential because it helps you come up with a strong assignment. When you have a good foundation to start with, you can easily perform directed research and gather evidence. You can divide the title or thesis statement to create the major arguments for your paper. Each of these arguments will contribute to make a body paragraph in your paper. It is essential that the title of your paper matches with the type of the assignment you are addressing. If you are going to write an argumentative essay, then you should make sure that the title points towards that. You need to take a stance and support it in the rest of your paper to convince the audience of your ideas. To give you a better idea, here are few examples of an argumentative topic on health that you can consider using for your assignment

Argumentative essay topics to write about health

  1. Junk foods are destroying our lifestyles and health options
  2. Giant food companies need to improvise and revise their products and processes
  3. Organic foods need to be encouraged on both public and private level
  4. Being a vegetarian is not a balanced or perfect diet
  5. Being a non-vegetarian is not a balanced or perfect diet
  6. Students should bring home made lunch to school
  7. Government should ban products that use artificial flavors and colors
  8. Having enough sleep is a part of a healthy lifestyle
  9. Health is the most important thing
  10. Health should not be our first priority
  11. Fat kids are not healthy
  12. Healthy meals should be made affordable

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