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A List Of Good Cause And Effect Essay Topics Related To American History

If you are a student of American history, you can get hundreds of relevant topics to write on. It is not very difficult to find a good essay topic to write on, no matter how young the country is in comparison to the European countries. Here are top topic suggestions for your upcoming essay.

  1. What were the relationships of Native American religions with nature?
  2. Impact of European colonization on Native Americans
  3. Possible causes of Salem Witch trials
  4. Theories that explain the disappearance of Roanoke colonists
  5. Republican Mother and its impact in colonial America
  6. Key issues that helped in the buildup of the American War of Independence
  7. How did the US constitution make up for the shortcomings of the Article of Confederation?
  8. Causes and effects of 1794 Whiskey Rebellion
  9. Were the framers of the United States Constitution really representative of the American people?
  10. How did the utopian colonies of America fail?
  11. The effects of the famous Marbury v. Madison case in American judicial system
  12. The impacts of cotton gin on American economy
  13. Key arguments that preceded the ratification of the American constitution
  14. Reasons for bringing the new law – Indian Removal Act and the consequences
  15. Causes and effects of the Mexican war
  16. Causes of westward expansion of early colonists
  17. Oregon Trail and westbound expansion of colonists
  18. The conflicts regarding slavery during the pre-civil war era
  19. The socio-economic state of African-Americans in the pre civil war era
  20. Conflicts with Native Americans in the western part of America
  21. Inventions in the 19th century America and impact of these inventions in the American society
  22. Labor strikes in the late 18th century America
  23. Labor union formations during the late 1800s in the United States
  24. Causes and effects of the Haymarket Riot
  25. Causes and effects of the Pullman Strike
  26. Contributions of Afro-Americans in the World War II
  27. Causes and effects of the No Gun Ri massacre
  28. Why did JFK and his government sponsor the Bay of Pigs Invasion and what were the outcomes?
  29. How did the US army get involved in the Vietnam War?
  30. Causes and aftermaths of the Iran Hostage situation
  31. Causes of the Oklahoma City Bombing
  32. Causes and effects of the Boston Marathon Blast
  33. Homeland security policies in the post 9/11 USA
  34. How did blacks’ participation in baseball and basketball change their socio-economic status in the USA?

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