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A List Of 10 Great Synthesis Essay Topics On Beowulf

If you are studying English literature then you may need to discuss Beowulf as part of a synthesis essay. In fact, you will be most likely to discuss this ancient poetry if you are studying Old English as part of a literature course. Nevertheless, even if your course doesn’t necessarily focus on Old English literature, it is still possible that you will have to discuss the topic at some point.

When discussing Beowulf, there are various ways in which you can approach the work. For example, you may wish to focus on the specific words used within the poetry or, alternatively, you may wish to look at how the poetry is structured. Equally, as well as focusing specifically on this particular piece of work, you may wish to compare it with other pieces written around the same time or, alternatively, you may wish to compare and contrast the work with modern day literature.

Ultimately, when writing a synthesis paper, you should be trying to discuss a specific topic in relation to other relevant themes or works. Therefore, you should be prepared to discuss other topics, other than Beowulf. Essentially, you should look at Beowulf as being one of the various themes that you will talk about as part of your paper.

In order to do the work, you should analyze any material that you need to write about, before writing some kind of thesis statement. You will then use this statement as the basis of the rest of the work. However, if you have not written a synthesis paper before, then it can be beneficial to read through other similar work, so as to give you a better understanding of what to do. In fact, this can also help to give you an idea of some good topics to write about, as can reading the list below.

  1. A synthesis of Beowulf and Old English literature
  2. A synthesis of alliteration with reference to Beowulf
  3. A synthesis of poetic verses, including Beowulf
  4. A synthesis of Old English, concentrating on words used in the poem Beowulf
  5. A synthesis of Beowulf and ancient languages
  6. A synthesis of poetic structures and Beowulf
  7. A synthesis of Old English poetry
  8. A synthesis of Old Germanic languages and poetic literature of the time
  9. A synthesis of Beowulf and metrical structure
  10. A synthesis of English poetry throughout the ages

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