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How To Write A Synthesis Essay Step By Step: Creative Advice

Most people learn the art of essay-writing by doing basic descriptive or narrative pieces before eventually making their way up the chain to the more difficult versions. The ability to synthesize information and find linkages that are less obvious can also be trained through writing. Here are some steps you can follow to create the perfect synthesis essay.

Collect the necessary data

If your writing is to be based on a particular literary work you will obviously need a copy of the text. It may be less obvious that a copy of the author’s biography may come in handy. If he or she associates a particular structure with grief to a personal tragedy, you could only learn this by having that other source. Many additional texts may prove useful.

Read through it all carefully

This will require patience but it all will reveal its worth later on in the process. Maybe a few texts will be dismissed at this point but it is still better to have accessed them.

Select prominent themes

Most books contain several themes that are hard to address fully in a single paper. Decide which ones you want to look into and pay close attention to them.

Analyze your themes for connections

This is the step in which the true synthesis takes place. You may need to re-read sections of the book repeatedly until it all finally clicks into place. When it does, the writing will just flow from you because you will have an understanding of the phenomena you wish to describe.

Look for supporting evidence for your assertions

Just because something is clear to you does not mean that others will accept it. Look for proof so that you can cite it in your paper to give it more weight.

Plug your findings into an essay template

Once you have organized everything in draft form you can put it into a template. If you are comfortable enough you can forgo the template and format on your own. This is a matter of personal choice.

Proofread and edit

This stage is vital. It may appear to be very simple but it needs to be done in order for your paper to be considered complete. It helps you earn the highest possible grades.

You are used to analyzing things and forming connections even if you do not realize. With practice you can easily do this in writing.

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