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How To Compose A Response Essay On The Old Man And The Sea?

A response essay is extremely easy for you as long as you pay attention to the requirements. All you have to do is to express your perspective regarding a certain text, in this case The Old man and The Sea. Of course, you will also have to discuss about certain ideas and elements presented in the text, not only to say that you like the composition or not. This short guide will help you create your text:

  • Present the general story. In the first lines of your composition you will have to state the text that you are writing about, the author and a few other details about it. You can choose the first time when it was published or how many critics wrote about it. This will help the reader get the general image of the text and he will understand your composition in easy way.

  • Present the symbolism of the text. Many students tend to take the literal meaning of the text and write about it, but things are not always so clear. In this story in particular there are many symbols that you have to mention in your composition, from the marlin to the lion that the man is dreaming about. Let your creativity work so you can present a new and original point of view.

  • Discuss about Human-nature relation. There are not many stories that present this relation better than this one. Even if, apparently, the story is about a fisherman and the fish that he catches, you can find out more than this from his behavior. He values every fish and he considers them as equal. This is not something common and you can discuss more about this aspect.

  • Talk about any religious aspect that you encountered. You might be tempted to say that this story does not have any religious side, but if you think again you will find many biblical references. The life of the fisherman is very similar to the life of Jesus, or at least this is what the author wants to express.

  • Write a smart conclusion. At the end, there isn’t much left to do besides writing your opinion about this. Of course, this opinion needs to be based on all the ideas that you explored in the body of your composition.

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