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A List Of Controversial Topics For An Opinion Essay About Extreme Sports

Are trying to do an opinion essay on extreme sports, but have no idea what kind of topic you should select? Then take the time to figure out what makes a great topic. In this article you will also find some great suggestions for topics that you can get started with right now.

What Makes A Great Topic

To find out what makes a great opinion topic on extreme sports read on:

  • You like the sport: it would be a waste of time to write a project on a sport that you don’t like because it will decrease the quality of the project. Out f all the extreme sports which are out there must be one you like, so search for it. It’s even better if you had first had experience of the sport.
  • Find a news story: it would be great to find an extreme sport that has a news story associated with it that’s interesting. You can use this story in your project.
  • Controversial: it’s always interesting to read something that is controversial, even if you might not normally have an interest in that subject area. Therefore, it helps to select a topic that is as controversial as you can make it.

Example Titles

Here is a list of titles that you can consider using for your own project.

  • Some extreme sports should be introduced into physical exercise lessons
  • Name top 3 extreme sports that should be made illegal
  • Extreme sports should be heavily regulated to avoid loss of life
  • Which are the 5 extreme sports that are bad for society
  • Which sports that is classified as extreme isn’t at all
  • What can be done to minimize the risk of injuries for extreme sports
  • Are extreme sports a sport, or a way to get a rush?
  • What are the top 3 extreme sports stars?
  • Which extreme sport is the most popular today, and why?
  • What extreme sport should children be encourage to take part in and why?
  • What are the common barriers for average people getting into extreme sports?
  • Which extreme sports are the safest?
  • How can individuals be funded to get a kick start in an extreme sports career?
  • Should young children be discouraged from taking part in certain extreme sports?

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