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Top 12 Compelling Essay Topics On The Great Gatsby

The great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is considered to be one of the best essays which include great symbolism and wonderful descriptive imagery used in the write-up. In order to understand the book and the writing, one must know the writing.

Without the knowledge, one simply cannot write compelling essay easily about this book. Also keep in mind, whatever topic you decide to choose, they must have pros and cons. This will help you to write vividly based on the topic you will choose.

Here are some ideas about the topic.

  1. Make a comparison between Gatsby and Daisy based on their gender and reveal their attitude towards love and thoughts about living life with a meaningful purpose.
  2. How the novel has talked about American Dream? Did it die out with the novel or is it just the dying dream?
  3. Compare the characteristics of three strong female characters from the novel- Myrtle, Jordan and Daisy.
  4. Talk about the elaborate style of clothing of the people at that time period and what do they reveal about the characters from the novel.
  5. What were the reasons for throwing such parties? What do they signify about the characters?
  6. Throughout the novel one would find various symbols such as, house, billboard, lights in the town etc, pick out any symbols and discuss and describe about them.
  7. Show the contrasts in the male character of Nick, Tom, George or Gatsby. You can also choose any tow characters and reveal about them.
  8. Throw some light on the real characteristics of Gatsby, explain with proper cues.
  9. Show with proper reasons that Daisy symbolized Zelda Fitzgerald and try to find some parallel tragic lives of these two ladies.
  10. Who is Gatsby’s real love; Decide or he just desires for Daisy and then comes back to tm and also about Myrtle’s relationship.
  11. There are various themes, symbols, descriptive narration in the novel which is references to various literary works. Find them and try to incorporate them and bring out a topic out of that. If you carefully read and understand the novel, you will surely able to find out hundreds of topic from The Great Gatsby. With more detailed study, you will find out numerable references to support the analysis done on the writing.
  12. Did the writer wanted it to be a love story which shows American ideals or is it done in a satirical way commenting on the real American ideals?

These are some of the topics that you can use in the writing but without giving a proper reading about the novel, you will end up writing a bad article.

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