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Where To Look For A Sample Essay About My Life Story

For many people, writing a personal story is a real challenge. You don’t have to make any research to complete this task, but you need to talk about your personal life in front of your class and this is not comfortable. Apart from this, there are so many things to say that you don’t even know what to begin with.

To be sure that your professor is satisfied with your work, you can search for some samples and see how others approached this topic. Find them here:

  • On blogs. Of course, not many bloggers can write good academic papers, but all of them have an “about me” page. On this page you will find the story of their life and many other details. You can read a few stories and see what elements the writers focused on. Then, try to apply the same principles to your composition and see how it goes.
  • On forums. Are you active on an education forum? Then you can ask the other members to help you. They don’t have to write an essay per se, but they have to write a short post with a story from their life. This will give you all the inspiration that you need. See what is the most interesting post and figure out if you should write in a funny, sad or serious way.
  • Look in your manual. Many students don’t bother to read their manuals, but it’s incredible how many amazing compositions you can find there. There is a sample for every kind of essay, and you can use it as a structure for your own text. Besides, you can be sure that the style and the structure is correct because it was already corrected by a professor.
  • Read a biography. If you admire a certain writer or public person, you can read his biography and find out more about him. This will be pleasant for you, it will improve your knowledge and you will have some ideas for your composition at the same time. No matter what sample you use, make sure that you never borrow sentences or paragraphs; it will be obvious that it is not your own life story and your professor will not be happy about this. In the end, all you have to do is to be honest.

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