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Good Advice On How To Find Fresh Opinion Essay Topic Ideas

A teacher is more likely to complain that your work is boring than that it is outlandish. This is simply a side effect of the profession. After reading essays one after the other it is a great relief to come across something original. Here are some tips to help you find the types of topics that you will really get great grades from.

Read the news regularly

There are stories coming out of the international media of a general nature every day. With internet technology, some news is even available hourly. By reading the newspapers and blogs you can get a very wide breadth of general knowledge. The things you learn will as a result have wide applicability. You can add them to just about anything you write and they will relate. This makes them a useful addition to your possible topics.

Keep up to date with advances in your field

You will benefit from knowing random trivia but if you are assigned a paper in your specific topic, you will be expected to draw upon specialized knowledge in the formulation of your topic. Look at the most respected journals from time to time. Make note of the updates that impress you most.

Read up on the fields that seem unrelated to your own

If you are an artist it may be easy to remain within the arts with your reading. If you are scientist the sciences will be comfortable for you. Think outside of the box! If you are limiting yourself to the obvious fields, your papers will only be based on the most obvious of concepts. There are linkages that you can only notice after studying many things deeply.

Brainstorm with a team of diverse thinkers

If you have friends who are studying very different fields, you have a wonderful opportunity to create new topics with them. Ask them to brainstorm with you. By combining their very different perspectives and ways of thinking you increase your chances of ending up with something highly original when your process is complete.

Look carefully at the most over used topics

It would be very sad indeed if you were to come up with a concept and become attached to it only to discover that it had been well worn by others. Find out what the field tends to produce most frequently so you can take another path.

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