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20 Topics You Can Explore In An Essay On Green Technology

The term green technology (greentech) grew in popularity over the past years. Individuals and corporations begin to understand the importance of conserving natural resources and preventing a further negative human footprint on the environment.

It’s a hot topic… and one of real importance to our collective future.

If you’ve chosen to write an essay on greentech, you’re dealing with a fairly new theme that comes with a large scope. Naturally, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the different characteristics and the range of subjects to choose from.

Here’s a list to help you nail down one issue to work on.

20 topics for your greentech essay

  • The sustainable, self-reliant house of the future
  • 3-D printed buildings made of stone
  • How a solar water heater can reduce utilities and save the planet
  • The rainwater harvesting system of the future
  • Install smart power strips to avoid wasting energy
  • Green energy generated by human foot traffic
  • Low carbon buildings and their impact on the world
  • How the Internet of Things (IoT) can help allocating clean water
  • The connected power grid of the future
  • Plastic alternatives to reduce waste
  • The economical benefits of energy efficiency
  • Greentech: the pursuit of sustainability
  • Green packaging materials of the future
  • Wood energy as the green energy of tomorrow
  • The future of the electric car
  • Thin-film solar panels as affordable alternatives for self supporters
  • Biofuels – what will cars run on in the next decade?
  • The smart-house: how the ‘connected house’ reduces the waste of energy
  • Water purification for global access to clean drinking water
  • The green, self-sustained community of the future

General advice for picking the right greentech topic

Since green technology is a term that hasn’t been researched in depth, you want to make sure to pick a topic on which you can find credible data.

The best sources are still old-fashioned books or research papers printed by universities. Reputable magazines may be used in moderation. The internet might be full of ideas and data, but internet sources are rarely seen as credible and hence most universities won’t accept them.

If you want to stand out and produce some great work, you might want to consider collaborating with actual companies in the field and write a practical essay. This way you can combine a theoretical framework with experiences from the real-world and deliver an article that would stand out from the crowd by offering more than just the theoretical angle.

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