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List Of Potential Topics For Your Cause And Effect Essay On History

This list may give you some ideas for a cause and effect essay on History.

  1. Stonehenge: There are several explanations that offer an answer to the mystery of Stonehenge. Find two explanations that you find interesting and discuss the similarities and differences between them.
  2. Buddhism: There are differences in the way that Buddhism is practised in Japan, Korea and China. Discuss how these differences have evolved and how this has had an effect on the way that 'Budda' is visually depicted.
  3. Trojan War: Did the Trojan War actually happen? If it did actually happen, would a different strategy have had the same outcome? Was it a tale that was based on myth and legend? What evidence is there that the incident actually occurred?
  4. Byzantine Empire: How did the Byzantine Empire contribute towards the cultural split between Eastern and Western Europe. Look at the possibilities that the Byzantine Empire was at one time the out most reach of the Roman Empire.
  5. Hitler and Napoleon: Compare and Contrast the leadership qualities of Hitler and Napoleon. How did their military strategies compare? Look at the relationship of both leaders with Russia.
  6. Hong Kong: Compare and contrast Hong Kong during and after British rule. Compare its growth and status since it has been ruled by China. Look at the effects of trade and financial growth and/or decline.
  7. The Russian Revolution: Compare and contrast with the the French Revolution. What effect did the Russian revolution have on the rest of the world? Did the Bolsheviks truly follow the teachings of Marx?
  8. The impact of Geography on History: Discuss how natural features such as rivers and mountains have helped define country borders. Compare and contrast areas such as Aosta in Northern Italy and Sicily, focussing on trade, patriotism and migration.
  9. The legend of King Arthur: Compare the tales about King Arthur. Is there one true area that can truly be called Camelot? How has the legend of King Arthur had an effect on literature and history?
  10. Hitler's rise to Power: What were the factors that were rife in Germany during the beginning of the 20th Century that in effect gave Hitler his rise to power? Why was Hitler so popular?
  11. Drug Trafficking in South America: Why is there such a high incidence of Drug Trafficking throughout South America? Why is it relatively easy for the drug cartels in this area? How has this affected South America's relationship with the rest of the world?
  12. Arab/Israeli Conflict: What was the main contributing factor that drove the Jews to make their homeland in Israel? What factors have contributed to the Arab/Israeli conflict? How has this effected the Middle East and the rest of the World

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