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10 Tips For Writing An Essay On How To Make The World A Better Place

The world over, from country to country, people are crying foul of unfilled pledges by their governments. There are woes everywhere and one wonders how and who will fix all these problems without riding on the well being of humanity. A lot has been written on how best the sufferings that go on in the world can be tackled and while most of such pieces have been credited for originality, little has been achieved. It is said that the end justifies the means when the end is what many people seek to achieve. We all hear of wars, violence, corruption and modern slavery. However, while we acknowledge that problems indeed exist, people who have fronted a battle to tackle some of these pressing issues have since been eliminated. The question is; can writing be a way of ending some of these problems? Also, where voices of hope have failed, can writing ignite the fading hope? Many voices of hope have been extinguished with brutality and if this is to be noted down in a piece of essay, a lot would not be taken care of in terms of solutions. It is on this premise that this article seeks to delve into means and ways of crafting a problem solving approach to world’s pertinent problems.

Some problems we face in the world today are as old as the hills but this does mean we cannot solve them. The point is those who were tasked to solve them before failed. Let’s take a look at tips that will see you craft a great essay on how to make the world a better place.

What problems is the world facing?

Going in an exam with no knowledge at all regarding what could be asked in the questions is suicidal. You will be sure to blackout from the onset. The same applies to writing an essay regarding the problems the world is facing today. There are so many problems in the world today and before you can do a paper on the same, take time, research and understand the nature of each.

Making a draft

With regard to featuring your findings in a piece of writing, having a draft copy will be game changer. However, it is important that very pertinent issues come first.

What are the solutions?

Writing a problem solving article will never be complete if at the end of your story, you fail to make suggestions or recommendations on possible solutions.

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