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4 Smart Ways To Utilize Critical Essay Response Examples

Essay is defined as any form of scholarly writing or academic descriptive writing which is developed based on a particular topic or a subject. Articles are of different types and it includes argumentative type, evaluative type, art critical articles, descriptive, rhetorical analysis etc and each type follows a specific set of rules and regulation or guidelines. It is important to have enough knowledge about the topic which you are developing the descriptive writing. Moreover one should acquire excellent writing skills and a good command over the language.

Critical response paper deals with detailed evaluation of the topic which you are assigned . the first step is to identify and establish a thesis statement related to the main topic and you have to put different aspects regarding the topic. This can be done after conducting a thorough research on the topic and through experimentation and analysis methods. The standard structure of this type of article remains the same for any traditional academic articles and it should contain the following sections:

  • Title of the article
  • Introduction
  • Article body (analysis , experimentation and a result )
  • Conclusion

Four ways to utilize critical essay response examples:

  • Choosing the reference material: the initial step taken while developing a critical response article is to find an appropriate reference material. The reference material or the sample article must contain the same or similar topic which is assigned to you. This makes your article preparation easier and you don’t have to spend addition time for collecting the required data. Sample articles are available in plenty on the internet and you can look out for the required sample articles on many educational websites and academic articles. Another method is to utilize the college library to find an appropriate example for your assigned work.
  • Go through the sample article carefully and study its structure, formatting techniques, fonts and styles used etc.
  • Also keep track of the language used and try to follow the similar pattern. Do not deviate from your main topic and stay focused on to your thesis statement.
  • Construct an overall plan or make a sketch before starting the preparation of your article. Organize the key points into different paragraphs and try to include each ideas related to the topic in a single paragraph.
  • Follow the outline and start preparing the article. Cross check for errors, typographical mistakes and other minor errors.

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