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Simple Guidelines On How To Write An Effective Essay For High School

When it comes to a high school English class, teachers love to assign essays for homework. Although this assignment may be a pain to research and write, it will actually help the student later on in their life. By being able to write well, the student will be able to perform better at their future job. If the student chooses to go to college, it will also help them prepare for the homework that they will be given in their college classes.

Research Matters

An essay is intended to express ideas. For students, this means that the research needs to back up the ideas and demonstrate a clear knowledge of the subject. Although there are many sources and sites available online, most of these sites are not acceptable for an academic paper. Instead, students should look for sources that come from academic authors or experts in specific fields. If the source does not use a bibliography or citations, then it is probably not useful as an academic source.

Create an Outline

Although an outline takes time initially, it will save the student a lot of time as they begin to write. In essence, an outline is a guide for the entire essay. A good outline states the thesis of the paper and topic sentences for every paper. It builds upon the argument in each paragraph and creates a logical, cohesive narrative. To make writing even easier, students can list the sources that they plan on using beneath each paragraph. Once the student begins writing, they will be able to easily refer to these sources.

Start Writing Immediately

As soon as the research is finished, students should begin writing. Day-to-day life gets in the way of schoolwork, so students need to be sure that they will actually have enough time to work on their essay. They should daily goals for what they want to complete and stick to them. If the student is able to get writing done ahead of time, then they will still be able to turn it in on time if they get sick or have a family emergency.

Use Editing Software

Students should always go through and edit their paper. In addition to editing by hand, students can also run it through online editing software. This type of software program will help the student to spot spelling and grammar errors that they would have missed otherwise. The student can also try reading their paper aloud because it is easier to hear awkward phrasing than spot it while reading.

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