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Media And Violent Behavior

Violence has been a part of humanity ever since it first came into being. Though initially the intensity was far less in the earlier years, with the increase of media and the power it has over people, it has gotten far more than it was before.

Despite the fact that the concept of violence is not something that is entirely new to people, it has gained immense popularity over the past years especially because of increased media exposure. People now have the ability and the resources to create several gadgets and gizmos that make the implementation and fear of violence easier and at a grander scale. Not only have these objects been created, they are also being used in various places diligently. The media has taken this idea to a whole new level by ensuring that people all over the world are not just hearing about the violent incidents but are watching them.

Effect Of Media On Youth

The media has been given so much freedom that the tabooed subjects of the society that were once discussed and somewhat resolved behind closed doors have been brought to a national if not an international level. Violence initially involved the relatively traditional method of blowing people and places up with bombs. But it is claimed through several surveys that it is the media exposure that has led men and women in various families to inflict and suffer from it. The immense exposure the youth all over the world has to violence has made them immune to the things that are happening at not just a grand scale but also in grotesque manner. With the mainstream media, the use of social media platforms has made it even easier for people to share the images with people all over the world.

Despite the positive attributes of media that include increased awareness amongst the youth, it cannot be undermined or rejected that it is always a biased point of view that is being knackered into the minds of the viewer to ensure and channelize their thoughts. This has led people to somewhat find it a norm to watch a woman, a child, a city and even a country being abused by people of power.

Hence, because of these reasons, there are now several people who are continuously raising awareness against the very subtle but intricate relationship between media and violence. Not only is it being viewed, it is dividing the world, races, religions and human beings.

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