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How To Choose A Great Essay Topic On Technology: Tips & Examples

Technology is the buzzword in today’s context. Every aspect of life is invariably touched by its striations. On that note, it doesn’t seem a tough task to create essay topics on the intervention that is technology.

Use assessment skills

If you look at this company website, you will get a strong insight into the copious routes that technology takes. When it comes to choosing technology articles, you need to keep all discerning pores alive.

  • See if the technology is futuristic or not – There are technologies which are stop-gap in nature. They have a small shelf life and are certain to be replaced by a bigger gun sometimes in near future. This is a general scenario with computer science technologies. Go for the sea fishes?
  • See if the technology is strategic or not – Suppose a new pencil comes that is made from substance other than lead or graphite. Would it be strategic; we say not. This is especially in days when large number of major write-ups and research papers are done on computer. Case closed!
  • See if the technology is a solver – The disposer is a brilliant technology-ridden contraption that may play a vital role to solve the landfill issue. You should likewise keep a look at technologies that are there to solve equations; not to dilute problems.
  • See if the technology can be resourced – It would be unwise to pick a technology just because it sounds impressive.
  • You should have quality resources detailing you on it. Otherwise, your write-up would appear banal and prosaic. See if the technology appears redoubtable – For instance, stem cell research or human cloning sound like avenues which won’t have a rival in near future. You should pick up technologies that sound so different from the general rush that it would be a delight elaborating on it.

Quality of merging

The technology essays give an impression that they are carefully carved in objective language with data and facts rather than opinions and perspectives. You should thus endeavor to be a seasoned writer and merge both opinions and data in a schematic write-up.

You should take a look at some of the quality samples to get a belligerent idea as to how these pieces ought to be carved. The conclusion holds enough significance and the points have to be placed with acuity and intelligence.

Don’t be intimidated by the fact that you are actually assessing a true-blue technology. After all, it’s all in the mind.

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