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Easy Essay Topics For College: 22 Issues To Write About

Writing research papers and thesis are a part of every college curriculum. Starting from middle school, students are taught to write different articles on different topics. With increasing level of education, the level of writing also increases and it gets more complicated for the students.

One popular writing which every student writes from his early school days are essays. These are pieces of writings where the student is allowed to express his views and opinions on the topic chosen. He is required to follow the structure provided by the school or college. Such writings are of various types and include the following sorts:

  • Expository
  • Here the writer explains a short theme or an idea or an issue.

  • Persuasive
  • Here the writer tried to convince the audience to adopt his style or position on a given issue.

  • Analytical
  • The writer analyses and interprets events, books, poems or any other work of art in this type.

  • Argumentative
  • In this type the write is required to prove his point of view, theory or hypothesis about the given issue.

Writing such articles is a crucial part of college life. Selecting the topic of such writings is the most difficult task face by students. Some sample topics to write your college essay on are given here:

  • Are actors paid too much for their profession
  • Nuclear weapons are killing devices or global peacemakers
  • How effective is the death penalty
  • Is it acceptable to involve animals in scientific research?
  • Use your imagination to write if there was a world with no rules
  • Should text books will replaced with computers
  • Cell phones should be allowed in high school
  • Wealthy nations should share their wealth with poor nations
  • Fashion and its impact on today’s generations
  • Computers and its dependency
  • Reservation for jobs for women
  • Should homework be given to students
  • Men should get paternity leave from home
  • Is cheating out of control
  • Does law enforced cameras invade privacy
  • Are we living in a throwaway society
  • Effect of video games on children
  • Should children be the target of advertisements
  • Test scores are a good indication of one’s competency
  • Alcohol drinking age should be increased or decreased
  • Parents should allow teens to make their own decisions
  • Racing industries should be forced to use bio fuels

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