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Best Methods To Select A Strong Essay Topic About Environment

Environmental issues are a hot topic today, and a well-researched and informative paper about the environment will help to contribute to the body of knowledge that exists about environmental issues. A strong essay topic about the environment will be one that is informative and thought-provoking. It will be based on current knowledge and up to date investigation, and it will be interesting to your reader. Selecting a strong topic for your paper can be mind boggling as it is such a vast topic. Here are a few suggestions for ways in which you may find an idea for your essay topic:

Current television news programs

Environmental issues are a common topic in the news. Almost every time you watch the news, or a current affairs program, you will see at least one story about an environmental issue. It may be about alternative fuels, climate change or waste management. So keep a close eye on the current news and you may find your topic idea there.


Again, with environmental issues being an important topic of discussion today, you will probably find some articles about environmental issues in current newspapers. If you don’t usually buy newspapers and you don’t want to spend your money on any, the local library will have the latest newspapers. Also, many newspapers are now available online.


An internet search on “environment” will produce some results that may prove helpful in deciding on your topic. You may find some recent research that has uncovered some important new information or a story about a new project aimed at protecting the environment. Web sites run by environmental groups may have some information that prompts a strong topic for your paper.


The library will have books on the environment, but also magazines, newspapers and journals. There may be some journals in the library that focus specifically on issues relating to the environment. Science journals and magazines will also likely have some information about environment issues.

Your essay could be a general paper about the environment, as in the natural world, or habitats for certain living things, or it could be about current environmental issues. A paper about current environmental issues may be more interesting to read and will also have up to date information about these issues. It will also help to raise awareness about important environmental matters. Use these above methods and you will find a strong topic for your paper.

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