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Searching For A Literary Analysis Essay Example Online

Now, we all love to d analysis of situations; books, movies and games in our own sweet time. This is a byproduct of being humans, yet what we often bypass is actual delving into the subject and making an acute enquiry. We would rather stay at the shores and pick the metals from the crusts of others’ perspectives.

A real job

Writing a literary analysis essay can be a job; especially if you venture to do it honestly. Let’s say if you need to carry an analysis on Lord of the Flies. How will you go about it? How about making a move

  • Lord of the Flies is rated as an American Classic which deserves its fame under the Sun because it will be relevant even 300 years from now. It harps on the fact that every adult has a child in him and every child has an adult. Thus, even the children, when subjected to particular temperature and pressure, may lose their innocence that makes them so endearing.
  • It takes on the precept that it is human nature to follow and not lead; thus Ralph and Jack and ever so doubtful about whether they are being treated as a leader or not; and yet the followers have no such problem; they love to follow.
  • It also brings a fact to the fore that humans tend to move towards chaos at the slightest invocation. There is also the aptness to choose convenience even in the harshest environment; thus the reluctance to keep the fire going as it will involve kids for a longer time period.
  • There is also a game-play with belief; the kids keep believing and then shattering their belief that they will be rescued. If only they could know that they will surely be rescued at the end of the book. This is what happens in our belief in our God. The ropes keep withering as we pass through tough times.
  • The book takes a circuitous route; making the scars of the jungle a metaphor. In fact, there are so many symbols; the conch and the pig-head being the major ones. The writing is conversational and fluent at times; and didactic and tough at others; showing the way life moves.
  • The end of the book is extraordinary as the naval officer believes that the kids are into games even as he is himself involved in a war. Talk about perspectives!

The essay ought to seriously recommend this book in the end.

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