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How To Craft A Rough Draft For A Persuasive Essay In An Hour?

Writing an essay is all about time management- to include all relevant points and information within a specified word limit in a given period of time. When writing the rough draft for a composition, students should try not to spend too much time on it. It should only include certain pointers and general information that the writer feels should be included in his work and, hence, should be reminded of them through these hints.

Understanding the topic given

It is absolutely essential that the students understand what the topic provided to them means. They should be well aware of what the teacher expects of their essay and proceed accordingly. Deviation from the central theme and topic is not too frequently tolerated. Although, the whole point of a creative writing piece is that the topic shall be open to interpretation, the idea should not be too far-fetched or it may lead to penalisation.

Knowing what a persuasive composition stands for

A persuasive composition means that there will be a specific issue or statement given and the author has to state and justify his or her stance either for or against it. The approach needs to be argumentative and the author has to maintain a particular position on the topic throughout the entirety of the composition. Going to and fro between sides is not allowed. It is sort of like a pen and paper version of a verbal debate.

Incorporate credible sources

While backing up his or her opinion, the student has the liberty to include the words of famous individuals, who have shared a similar stance as the author on the given issue.

  • The sources may be quotes by well-known personalities. However, the student must keep in mind the necessity of using proper punctuation marks and giving due credit to the person, who had actually said the words in the first place.
  • The student may illustrate his composition with the help of contextually appropriate examples. An account of an event or happening can be mentioned in brief to support the author’s point of view.
  • Numerical and statistical data may also be included in certain cases to present an airtight victory.

Concentrate on the matter

The rough draft should just demonstrate the content that is to be included in the final copy. It should focus more on the quality of the content rather than the quantity. The language can be colloquial and casual but the information should be accurate and meticulous.

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